Making almost three quarters of UK trading more difficult

This is an interesting map showing what trade agreements the EU has around the world and those that are still in negotiation (click to enlarge):


The approximate quantity of trade that Britain conducts with the EU and with EU negotiated trade agreement countries is:
EU 44%, USA 13%, Switzerland 5%, Hong Kong 2%, Turkey 2%, Japan 2%, South Korea 2%.

That is getting on for three quarters (70%) of UK trade which will be slower, more inconvenient and probably more expensive.

For a trading nation that cannot feed itself, voluntarily opting to make such a high proportion of your current trading more difficult is – there is no other word – insane.


  1. Peter May -

    Quite so – it’s Trump and Congress together, not Trump alone (and he may only have a further 18 months shelf life) that make any trade agreement.
    I’m also unsure if EU agreements have any effect on gold bullion trading – or not….

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