Liam Fox’s trade deals

Liam Fox is supposed to be “scoping about a dozen free trade deals outside the EU to be ready for when we leave” and I think we are all having difficulty in imagining where they might be. Well, imagine no longer, Progressive Pulse can now reveal the places at the very top of that list:


  1. Ian Stevenson -

    Cathay, Mesopotamia and the Empire of Prester John.

  2. Peter May -

    Glad there are still more coming on stream…

  3. Andrew -

    Wakanda, Shangri-La, San Serriffe, Ruritania, Lilliput, and Gilead. And Doggerland.

  4. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    The British Empire and Gwondanaland (?)

  5. Marco Fante -

    Somebody’s chickens have come home to roost.

    These are just some of the headlines:

    Liam Fox wants UK to import chlorinated chickens as part of Brexit free trade deal with US
    “Britain could be forced to accept chlorine-washed chicken, lactic acid sprayed pork and hormone-grown beef.”

    “Liam Fox reopens cabinet rift with defence of chlorinated chicken”

    “Liam Fox: Don’t be afraid of US chlorinated chicken after Brexit”

    “Liam Fox mocks concerns over chlorine-washed chicken..”

    “Liam Fox challenged to eat a US chlorinated chicken – Financial Times”

    “If you thought chlorine-washed chicken was scary, wait until you see what else Liam Fox has planned for a UK-US trade deal”

    Out of the blue this seems to have become one the strongest and most effective memes of our time and rightly so. I love it. Oh well, so much for “taking back control”.

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