Less safe after any Brexit…

It is sobering to hear the Commissioner of the Met Police, Cressida Dick, state that Britain is likely to be less safe after any Brexit at all – and in any case it is likely to be financially costly.

This is to most, I suggest, unsurprising.

What might encourage Conservative remainers to ensure there is definitively not a ‘No Deal’ is that they are supposed to be the party of ‘ Law & Order’. Whilst most Brexiters are usually also supporters of reduced spending.

Even perhaps, after any Brexit at all, would it not seem encumbent on Conservatives to be sure to preserve UK security?

It is true that most of the hard-core Brexiters think Ireland is pretty much irrelevant, even though, all the while, their own government depends on the support of the all Irish DUP ….

Could this interview by the Commissioner be, at last, the undermining of right wing Brexiters?