Last chance saloon

All the recent resignations from the cabinet seem to imply there is scope for new negotiations on the UK’s break from the EU, but as the FT says, EU leaders have shunned the idea of reopening talks” and who, frankly can blame them?

They also point out that “The prospect of the EU27 agreeing to reopen negotiations on the withdrawal agreement, in the run-up to European parliamentary elections where Eurosceptic parties are seeking to make large gains, will be very unattractive in many capitals.”

We are in the last chance saloon and yet our ‘Strong and stable’ Prime Minister has proved anything but and has ditched her vacuous red lines and now believes in this leave agreement ‘with every fibre of her being.’

As it amounts to the best of stay, pay, and have no say I fear it has a vanishing likelihood of being acceptable to Parliament, a people’s vote could offer a way out for her, but she seems to enjoy bunker mentality too much to care. It is a despairing prospect and very much as someone has remarked:

This would be a fascinating car crash to watch from the safety of another country, rather than being strapped, screaming, to the bonnet.

We are in danger of washing up on the pavement outside the last chance saloon…



  1. Michael Green -

    Joni Mitchell “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”

    1. jan b -

      Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.

      1. Alan McGowan -

        And Janis Joplin sang it.

    2. jan b -

      Joni Mitchell – “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!”

  2. Ivan Horrocks -

    If you haven’t read it already, Peter, see Andrew Rawnsley’s piece in The Observer this morning. Absolutely spot on the nail.

    1. Peter May -

      Yes a good summary, Ivan. Thanks for highlighting. Am I being too optimistic in detecting that, as May has suggested that if her ‘compromise’ plan is not accepted it would be ‘back to square one’ ie another vote?

  3. Ivan Horrocks -

    But the one person who distills the reality of the Brexit saga/disaster into one superb read is Nick Cohen.
    Picking up the true, underlying themes that have been covered on and off on this blog for more than a year now Cohen names this pathetic game for what it is: the hard right who couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about anything other than their ideological belief in the creation of some libertarian nirvana from the chaos that will flow from a hard Brexit. None of them will suffer the consequences of course. Nor do they care a jot about anyone who will. Such is their loathing of their fellow man and their belief in their utter superiority. How sad it is that thanks to 90% of our media so many millions of ordinary UK citizens have been conned into believing the lies of these people and that such narcissistic popinjays as Jacob Rees Mogg have any interest in their wellbeing. Anyway, we’re on the brink of chaos now so they nearly have their wish. Let’s see which one of them – if any – steps forward to lead us to their nirvana.

  4. Vincent Richardson -

    It would appear that we have but two choices now, agree this deal or drop out without a deal. Efforts by the Brexiteers May’s cabinet to renegotiate are thus futile. If parliament rejects the deal we will be leaving with no deal. Labour’s offer to demand a new deal is also futile. Westminster has largely abandoned us all.we could have had a Norway style deal with EFTA which would have avoided this cliff edge and given us time to negotiate a trade deal,which normally takes decades.
    40 years of integration cannot be undone in 2 years

  5. Gavin -

    What are the outcomes of a leave are also not straight forward, recessions for the EU and UK, further hard line leaders and unrest, more attacks on the EU as a natural fall guy, the EU flounders a bit like the drunk president that is leaving his junket.

    The EU central bank continues its successful quest for absolute power and opacity gathering in the final tax gathering powers only possible during wars or financial crisis to then start the taking and sharing remembering that the ‘he who pays of the gold make the golden rules’ in its favour.

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