Labour dissonance

An interesting Labour leaflet arrived on my doormat yesterday announcing that “Labour (MEP) candidates in the South West believe in giving people a say….. there must be another public vote …”

At last:

But closer inspection (bottom right – click to enlarge) of the leaflet shows it is in fact, being promoted by USDAW in Bristol.

I wonder whether other areas have received similar treatment from USDAW?

Certainly the official Labour leaflet took the customary line about bringing the country together – no vote required apparently.

The confusing messages do not engender confidence and they encourage me even more to vote tactically to get the most pro EU MEPs possible – so I await the ‘Remain voter‘ email due by the end of this morning.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    The NE leaflet says “The option of a public vote if we can’t get changes to the Tories’ bad deal or a general election”, which is official Labour policy.

    It seems the Labour fence sitting is not working. I’ve also signed up with Remain Vote. I won’t be voting Labour either.

  2. Paul Wright -

    My local landlord said that he has to adopt a policy of respecting both camps in the Brexit debate, and to that extent he thinks that Labour are acting in a respectful and conciliatory way?

    He says that the whole thing is a media feed frenzy, and that they have much to answer for.
    A Remain fanatic who views leavers as morons, and leavers who have no respect for an alternative view have already been banned.

    I must say the pub is a better place for it. Maybe Geoff is on to something?

    Another IPA please

    Regards Paul

    1. John Higson -

      I wish that everyone had the sense of your landlord.

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