Johnson’s sorry go round

Well this turned out well:

I also heard a piece on the radio that Ken Livingston went back to his old London Mayor office and it was exactly the same as he left it – even though he had been meaning to get rid of what if I remember correctly was his biro pot…

So Johnson, it seems, is happy to become king and stay there. But he has no will or idea what to do with it.

So in reminding us that we are led by worldbeating policies and strategies, he seems actually, to be on holiday. Both actually and mentally.

Worldbeating seems to be rather devalued and really what might be suggested as an utter bunch of worldbeaters seems to be less than a compliment…

I rather fear that the ‘sorry-go-round’ (19th century: a repetitive cycle of depressing actions or events) is entirely appropriate.

Johnson said “Let’s be in no doubt about it, the exam results that we’ve got today are robust, they’re good, they’re dependable for employers.”

And then they weren’t…

Given how this government has dealt with the exam results during a health crisis, I find it difficult to imagine what the government will be like with the ongoing demands of Brexit requirements. I’m worrying that they may just be too complex and completely unforeseen – for our decidedly myopic government – especially given that Scotland, in some disarray, got to the same but rather smoother, exam solution, a whole week before England.

The Brexit exam will, I fear, be one that this incompetent government will not pass.

And that’s an exam – oh dear – that is actually vital for national survival….