Johnson – the dangerous man

I’ve copied the details of a letter below to show that Johnson has once again failed to subject himself to democratic scrutiny. He has again ‘postponed’ attendance at a hearing of the Liason Select Committee.

It is worrying that Johnson demonstrates once again that he doesn’t understand that an essential of his office as leader of government – albeit a minority one – is that he is accountable to Parliament. He seems to ignore that, hellbent as he is, on driving major constitutional change ‘now’, anulls comparison with previous Prime Ministers.

Further, his written note abounds with unformed or partially formed letters. I’m no graphologist, but I’m inclined to think this is representative of his general thought processes.

Inadequate, in short. Accompanied, of course by that overwhelming, puerile desire to be ‘King of the World’.

We really do have a flawed and dangerous man as Prime Minister.

God forbid he should ever be granted a majority.

Sarah Woolaston’s reply is, I fear, all too moderate:


  1. Jeni Parsons -

    I showed my husband Boris’ script – at first he thought it must be Prince George writing to Santa, but later changed his diagnosis to the writing of someone suffering the early stages of dementia. With that I must agree – our next-door neighbour, who suffered from dementia, wrote us a note in just such unformed, uneducated writing, during the early stages of his illness. I found it this week, while getting rid of the junk that’s accumulated over the past 40 years.

    Did this man really attend Oxford University? Or is that another of the less-than-half truths our so-called Prime Minister is so fond of peddling?

    1. Sean Danaher -

      The script is indeed dreadful. It reminds me a bit of my father’s after he had a massive stroke, which ruined his coordination. I’m sure many 5 year olds could write better.

  2. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    I think what it is, is lazy disrespectful and frankly rude.

    As is the content.

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