Johnson negotiated in full knowledge

Quite remarkable that he has to say this – but Johnson justifies with knobs on the ‘perfidious albion’ nomenclature.

I’m really proud to be British…



  1. Davy Green -

    Are you aware that Northern Ireland dairy and meat products are being kept separate when they cross the border in to The Republic of Ireland?.The reason for this is that NI not a full member of EU and therefore can not participate in EU trade treaties with 3rd Countries.EU never brought that up in Protocol negociations-So we have a situation where NI is hindered by having no unfettered access with both UK market and EU export market-Kind of defeats the Protocol’s reason for existence

    1. Peter May -

      I don’t understand what you are getting at. NI products crossing the border into the Republic are being kept separate from what else exactly?

  2. Samuel Johnson -

    NI products don’t qualify as EU originated for rules of origin. There’s no issue with use on the island of Ireland but Irish exports are potentially affected if they contain goods of non-EU origin. The Irish govt is lobbying for a concession on this but the EU seems keen not to give away this concession. Or not yet.

    The suggestion that this vitiates the protocol is nonsense. The protocol is designed to maintain the open border on the island of Ireland and to protect the EU single market. It does both.

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