Is Nye Bevan right?

So the Australia type deal that Britain will flourish under, according to Johnson, is a trade deal that, in fact, Australia is trying to actually improve in the already existing trade talks with the EU, where both sides have agreed that:

The discussions confirmed a shared commitment to rules-based trade as well as to helping both economies recover from the global pandemic.

So at least Johnson is in favour of rules based trade – or, more probably, has actually no real idea what Australia is doing….

The trouble is he may be deluded into thinking that his rules for 67million or so people of the UK are equal to the 400million or so of the EU…

I fear the future is not looking rosey when even Jim O’Neil has long been of the opinion that the hedge funds and disaster capitalists see No Deal as a heaven sent opportunity for money making.

This is also, in effect, Rees Mogg’ father’s preferred system.

It looks very much as though we have been had by the rich – and how.

I regret that never has Nye Bevan’s view that the whole art of Conservative politics is “How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power” been more amply demonstrated.

Indeed, I begin to fear that Johnson is so much of a stooge that he will not make the final decision on No Deal but it will be Cummings and his Tufton Street allies that will.

Johnson will be looked after.

The rest of us – decidedly not.


  1. davy green -

    Well if Labour had not elected Corbyn as leader there might,just might have been a different result in December 2019
    Corbyn was never going to be PM of the UK-a lot of traditional Labour voters happen to be patriotic and Corbyn siding with Britain’s enemies came back to help prevent him getting the keys to Downing Street.
    Johnson calls a no deal an Australian deal-sounds nice to his supporters-might as well call it a North Korea deal
    Johnson will be gone next year claiming health issues and wanting to spend more time with Wilfred as his reasons for departure-Risha can detect that his time is fast approaching.

    1. Peter May -

      As you say – an Australian deal is actually no deal at all. But with the Road Haulage Association saying that the UK has only 1,668 of the 33,000 EU Haulage Permits required to import what we currently do we will starve if we don’t have agreement…

  2. davy green -

    The whole situation now is like the early summer 1914-we are sleepwalking in to an uncertain future.The social economic and political order are going to be swept away and no one has any idea of what comes next

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