Is rebellion imminent?

This moving piece from Channel 4 news and from a real small employer (rather than a grasping rentier capitalist) correctly explains why so many are completely adrift in the government’s occasional, random and unscientific lockdowns.

For sure the science is uncertain – but the money creation to ensure both the lady in the interview and her employees for whom she so obviously cares, have a sustainable and hopeful life, is, I think, completely obvious to most readers of Progressive Pulse. (We must try and get the details as widely disseminated as possible…)

No wonder the so called Northern Mayors are so decidedly unhappy. Roughly 80% of wages as furlough until the end of October is feasable because there is not going to be too much to spend the normal 100% on – and full wages while not working, might engender inflation which would not be great in the current circumstances. But 65%, as it seems it will currently be from October onwards, is an arbitrary reduction which is unlikely to be able to support either business or its employees – who on the minimum wage can survive on two thirds of it? Will that pay the rent? I very much doubt it.

And the grant of a few thousand pounds to a small business is itself, with rents still legally payable, most unlikely to be sufficient for any sort of future planning, never mind everyday stability.

The fact that it is based on property prices rather than rents is equally difficult.

Thus the future will seem, for both small employers and their employees entirely devoid of certainty and probably also devoid of hope.

The Tories are breaking the country. For all the waffling haystack’s bluster, there is no real or realistic hope that he offers, either for the future after the ‘fixed’ date of Brexit or even hope for after – or as it now seems possible – just living, with Covid-19.

No wonder the ‘Northern Mayors’ have issued a joint statement and decided to react to Sunak’s ‘unconsulted’ statement tomorrow, Saturday 10th.

I think they should ally with the Scottish and Welsh governments to show Westminster that a political rebellion is imminent..


  1. Karl Greenall -

    Yesterday evening, Tuesday October 13th, BBC North West Tonight broadcast a segment from Liverpool, discussing the Tier 3 lockdown. Gym operators are to talking about ignoring the rules and continuing to operate. Rebellion is in the air, alright.

    1. Peter May -

      I’m not surprised.
      I’m so glad I’m no longer in business…
      What people have to do is get local government to force central government to pay up!
      It has to be a united phalanx of businesses and local government…

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