Industry minimum wages

Collective bargaining by industry category is what they do in Nordic countries (all of whom, except Norway are entirely in the EU).

So the idea that Brexit has given many a wage increase that is a direct result of Brexit is not true. It is simply a result of the system of Capitalism that the UK has opted to pursue when it was in the EU and – entirely of its own ‘sovereign’ government’s volition.

For in those Nordic countries there are many examples of wage agreements by sector and there are similar agreements in the Netherlands, which, it has to be said is not known for its anti-neoliberal stance and which agreements, interestingly, include road haulage.

Once again we see that the EU doesn’t prevent these agreements, which set a base level for pay and conditions, yet increasing wages for HGV drivers, for example, is seen by government as a definitive result of Brexit.

It is not. It is simply a recognition of their own idea of supply and demand, which has all of a sudden caught up with them..

And yet another reason why Labour should be calling this out.

A better controlled ‘market’ would actually have benefitted the Capitalists not just the ‘market’ itself. It should orientate everyone Capitalists as to where they are – and also give certainty and actually, remarkably, a rule of law.

When we see the conditions of employees tolerated by our governments, we see that they really have no interest in working conditions – indeed for the past decade, such conditions as there are, have, as a consequence of austerity, barely been enforced.

This is the result of the government’s own incompetence being shown up by their singular failure to properly regulate ‘markets’ where government dictated austerity has made those same ‘markets’ decidedly redundant.

Markets themselves are of course, without regulation, no market at all.

Perhaps if Brexit was a vote for anything properly considered it was a vote for import substitution but government shows absolutely no idea of understanding this.

Government shows similar and complete misunderstanding of the idea of labour substitution….

So with Capitalism working as it does we seem to have companies bidding for labour against each other.

Meanwhile Government treats training as a source of finance.

The result seems to be that it is likely that everything will be in Waitrose and nothing in Sainsbury.

Is that the Conservatives’ idea of the market?

If it is, at the very minimum, they ought to see that Capitalists are generally short-term investors and national governments generally longer term.

Although, unfortunately and remarkably, the current national government seems no longer to understand government investment at all….

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