Immigration’s brexit is only just beginning..

This is a great article on Byeline Times from Jonathan Portes – and that is an almost surprising sentence for me to suggest. Although I’m not in favour of his interpretation of Labour’s economic policy this article seems entirely on the button. It concludes:

What difference will it make if, in 2030, nearly one-tenth of the UK’s electorate is of EU origin or part of a family that is? It would be presumptuous to make predictions. But the story of Europeans in Britain is not over. On the contrary, it has only just begun.

Brexit itself is, of course, not ‘done’, but only just beginning.

We have, as it were, lots to look forward to…


  1. Samuel Johnson -

    According to Tim Harford 6-7m British citizens, excluding those in NI, are
    entitled to Irish passports. Record numbers have applied since 2016, with the numbers rising annually. That’s one tenth right there. So that figure can be considered close to a floor (there are, of course, some of Irish or part Irish ancestry who, thanks to British education or undeserved privelege, have become British nativists–notoriously, Brendan O’Neil, “Tommy Robinson”, Lord Daniel Moylan among others).

    The UK is certainly at the threshold of significant change. Irish reunification is a certainty (only the exact timing is uncertain). The DUP are in freefall and their extremism, arising from desperation, will not save the union. That is only the beginning of the unraveling to come. Today’s by-election result hints at what’s in store for the Tories. They cannot and they will not be in power forever

    1. Peter May -

      Good points all…

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