Immigrants help us…

This is straightforward Labour Party evangalism, for which I perhaps ought to apologise, but I (and I reckon that many of our readers might well) agree absolutely.

It is a counteraction to the untruthful Tory idea that immigrants are a problem, when in fact immigrants are invariably younger and more active than most and do jobs that are vital and necessary for all of us and ‘put in’ more than they ‘take out’.

Presumably because the UK has been used to calling on the empire and others since the destruction of the second world war, thus governments seem to think that that is how UK life should continue…

Let us hope that Labour gets that problem, too


  1. Bill Hughes -

    The Tories are now certainly scraping the barrel with trying to resurrect the “problem”
    of migration.This thinly disguised hoary chestnut of pandering to racism is reappearing thanks to Nigel Farage and Brexit.. Home Secretary Priti Patel, daughter of an immigant is fanning the flames of prejudice. and keeping alive the despicable policy of the “hostile environment” for migrants in the UK..

  2. Peter May -

    Agreed -I find Patel abhorrent. Why is she doing it?…

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Shahmir Sanni describes it as follows: Priti Patel is the epitome of what I refer to as the Raj complex. A continuation of the legacy of privileged South Asians that assisted the East India Company in destroying the lives of millions of Indians for status, wealth and recognition among the ranks of the oppressor. Link to an informative thread here

      1. Graham -

        I believe her parents fled Uganda to escape from Idi Amin. I wonder where they went and if they were accepted?

      2. Peter May -

        Thanks, Sean. Lower down I learn that her father as said he wants to stand for the Brexit Party -it obviously runs in the family…

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