Was of course Trump’s tweet in characteristic capitals long before he, or anyone else, could possibly know the result.

I think we can safely presume that his legal challenges will be found to be without merit, and that any recounts will not alter matters significantly.

I thought the survey below interesting (and always having to remember that Republicans, are counter-intuitively for Europeans, in the red column) which shows that contrary to the narrative that we are normally asked to believe, Trump’s support does not come overwhelmingly from the poor and left-behind but actually what looks like the comfortable middle-classes:

Moving on, I had every sympathy with Caroline Lucas who tweeted:

The only problem is we’ve got potentially another four years of the one to go, and even if Johnson goes sooner, Brexit is for life – or certainly more than four years. Britain is likely to be stitched up by Johnson and his band of saboteurs for some time into the future.

In the meantime his government is going to find that the border with Ireland cannot be wished away with quite such cavalier abandon when there is an American President who has Irish roots and actually knows that America is a guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement. It is true that Biden will not be President until towards the end of January but as customs arrangements are still not yet finalised, I cannot see the arrangements being reliably introduced before January. Indeed the National Audit Office forecasts major disruption for all UK borders at the end of the year as nothing is ready – neither IT systems nor customs agents. Trump’s demise might just convince Johnson that he has nowhere to go but to ask the EU for a further extension – probably, belatedly blaming Covid.

When CNN says:

The UK government may have a problem. With a maverick narcissist in the White House, Britain could conceivably get away with madness of its own, but as sanity returns to the US, and given that US television actually stopped broadcasting their own President’s press conference when he was found to be lying, sanity seems to be returning quite quickly, so it will become a lot more difficult for a medium sized country like Britain to get away with throwing over the Rule of Law as it makes its endeavours to leave the EU.

It could even be possible that Johnson might begin to wonder if, when faced with those two articles he wrote – one in favour of leaving and the other in favour of staying, he actually decided to publish the wrong one….