How goods trading might be – outside the EU

Mother in Laws are often difficult but still perhaps not as difficult as daily trading with the EU from outside it.This local TV programme, which I doubt many have seen is, I think, instructive: follow this link – a mere 13 minutes on how goods currently travel in from Switzerland– so worth a quick, look, I suggest.

In the end it really just shows that, at the time of the referendum, we were far from properly informed ….

Meanwhile on Twitter informs us further by way of a few helpful quotes:

Johnson: “Quitting the EU won’t solve our problems.”

Farage: “I never said it would be a beneficial thing for us to leave”.

Davis: “Obviously we are in a weak position.”

Banks: “It would have been better to probably remain.”

Or, just as the FT has said – Brexit seems an expensive way to learn a lesson.

Or perhaps even take a leaf from the Banksy book and just call Brexit ‘Dismaland’ (“where everyone feels as blue as their passports”).

Secure in the knowledge that democracy did not end in the referendum year, and that having to stick with your decision and never again debating it or having another vote is called ‘democratic centralism’ (much beloved of Vladimir Lenin – in case Rees-Mogg asks), we can I think, now see why there is a really good case for a People’s Vote.