Happy New Year

Flip Chart Rick – he of Flip Chart Fairy Tales – and usually well worth reading – is presumably, along with Sajid Javid, even now peering into the the distance somewhere on the South Coast. Fortunately he has a New Year tweet rather appropriate for the times:

“Can we swap Grayling, Farage, Redwood and Rees-Mogg for some engineers and scientists from Iran?”

Meanwhile (although I’m afraid I doubt it will be) I’d like to wish everyone the Happiest New Year possible!


  1. Jennifer (aka Jeni, Havantaclu) Parsons -

    A Happy 2019 to all friends of Progressive Pulse – and may your New Year’s resolutions be long-lived!

  2. Chris Bergin -

    Live long and prosper (with thanks to Mr Spock) that just may be the best revenge. I can think of many more swaps that would benefit this country but dont like the idea of robbing other nations of their talents.
    The thought of foisting those named on some other country appalls me.! What a disgraceful advertisement for this country.
    Wishing everyone all they wish for themselves and many thanks for so many thought provoking items and comments.

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