Global Britain is missing..

I point this out not actually for its wry humour – or even maybe for its correct approach:

But simply to point out that Global Britain is somehow missing.

How quite extraordinary – or indeed remarkable…

Who would ever have suspected?


  1. Schofield -

    It’s been outside the triangle flying blind for a long time. It’s now very near to being blown over the edge with a self-inflicted recession storm! England about to become Endland?

    1. Peter May -

      Have to hope, against hope, not.

      But your suggestion is, I fear, all too true….

  2. Schofield -

    Richard Murphy’s declaration today that Neoliberalism or rather Market Fundamentalism has had it’s day is bang on the nail:-

    Interestingly his Twitter version threw up a re-post of a graph showing the UK’s exports failing to recover like the rest of the world because of Brexit:-

    The graph is an article posted in the Financial Times the other day:-

    Whilst globalisation of trade as a part of Market Fundamentalism is now about to experience a retrenchment because of Putin and his Chinese alliance the Tories have clearly weakened Britain economically because of Brexit but not only this they’ve also weakened NATO because of this economic weakening. Starmer needs to be mindful of this in his support for Brexit

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