Funerial Trade

I think we should note that Extinction Rebellion are looking to blockade the Port of Dover on Saturday.

Whilst I think their protests are important – and also usually clever and impressive – just look at this poignant picture of a funeral march for the climate a couple of  months ago in Exeter, further described here.


The Dover protest might, additionally, be a small dress rehearsal for Brexit.

And that is of course where Brexit has a plus – it is not ‘Global Britain’, but Britain, locally, that should be doing as much as possible for itself.

Though we have still to recognise the difficulty of that with regard to that real ‘staff of life’ which is food.

Let’s be frank: we really should be using our windpower to export electricity energy for others – in order that we can eat.


  1. Jeni Parsons -

    My daughter and I attended the Chichester Climate Strike this morning. About 200 people at the start – it’s still going on as I type! – of ages ranging from 8 weeks to late 80s. Disappointed that few of the local students and only a few of the local schoolchildren were there – but the students were probably heading east to Brighton, west to Portsmouth or north to London, and the schoolchildren who did come were mostly with parents. Extinction Rebellion and Green Party placards very visible – I carried a Green Party one – and some nice home-made efforts.

    I wore black – in mourning for the damage to the planet inflicted by my generation, who were becoming aware of what was happening, but did nothing to stop it.

    All power to the young who are making themselves heard!

  2. Peter May -


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