Freeports are Brexitwash

Lizz Truss, in her inordinate wisdom, has announced some freeports which are going to be so marvellous in boosting our Brexit success.

They are, as Barry Gardiner has already suggested, just a way of moving around employment.

But did we know that the EU already permits them?

There is a list here of all the sad EU countries that already have them.

Remarkably that includes the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom – though the Island’s semi-detached character is emphasised here. (Methinks they do protest too much…)

So what Truss needs to explain is why having more freeports after Brexit is better than having them before Brexit.

The Conservatives were either remiss in not creating them earlier or there is a Brexit compelling reason why they are now so desirable.

I really cannot see their advantage.

I suggest this is all Brexitwash.