Fishermen’s regrets

This (below) is from the FT and a quote from someone who was vocal – at least locally – in supporting Brexit.

He works in Brixham – the most prosperous fishing port in England and Wales, which now catches much more than even Grimsby or Hull, whose precipitous decline was the historical result of the Icelandic cod wars. Brixham’s prosperity is based on exporting the British catch to the EU, because this catch comprises mostly scallops, squid, sole, ray and langoustines, all of which are much appreciated there but much less in the UK.

Ian Perkes, like most of the south-west fishing community, voted for Brexit as a means of taking back control of UK waters. “I wish I hadn’t,” he said. “I never looked at the implications of the paperwork. I was brainwashed.” Tariffs on exports would — he fears — be a catastrophe for his business and the fishing boats that supply it. Barring a radical change in the dietary habits of Britain, he said the sector would be “stuffed”, adding: “If there’s no deal and there are tariffs, we are out of the game.”

So at least someone is upright enough to admit they were brainwashed – even though, I suspect that this brainwashing was actually less by the arriviste, Farage than the decade of drip, drip, lies and misinformation by the Mail, Telegraph and Times.

Sadly, his business might not survive. In any case its turnover is likely to reduce substantially.

But, at least, I hope we can welcome him into a growing band of rejoiners….


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Yes it does seem strange that fishing, about 0.1%% of UK GDP is such a sticking point. i don’t think the Tories care a damn about it, it is just a convenient flag waving cop out for them

    1. Peter May -

      You may well be right…

  2. Mel Plaskwa -

    You only have to listen to Rees Mogg to realise how much this government (i use the term lightly) care about the fisherman,in fact care about anybody who did not go to Public School.
    Four more years of this narcissistic sycophantic liars with the morals of an alley cat ,(sorry cat).

  3. Mel Plaskwa -

    Filled in all * required fields !!

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