Fintan O’Toole wins the Prestigious 2017 Journalism Orwell Prize for his Articles on Brexit

I’ve been a fan of Fintan O’Toole for many years and his Brexit articles are always very well worth reading. His analysis is generally excellent as is the quality of his prose. I was pleased to discover that at least two of  Progressive Pulse team, Richard Murphy and Ivan Horrocks, also hold him in very high regard.  In April, Fintan won the 2017 European Press Commentator of the Year prize for his work on Brexit and its aftermath.

He is also as of a few days ago the holder of the prestigious Orwell  2017 Journalism prize for his work on Brexit. (There are links to his articles on the Orwell Prize Page).

A more recent article in the New York Book Review “Britain: The End of a Fantasy”  is available here.

Here is a podcast interview which may be of interest; it is about a half hour long available here.

Well done Fintan and we wish you continued success.


  1. Robin Stafford -

    Excellent piece Sean which I have shared with like minded souls. Thanks very much for the recommendation

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Thanks Robin
      Fintain’s background is similar to mine, a Dubliner and indeed we were at UCD at the same time but I would have been a postgrad when he was doing his BA. My analysis tends to be very similar to his but sadly the quality of my prose is not in the same ballpark!

  2. Jeni Parsons aka havantaclu -

    Noson da, bawb!
    Yes, it’s that damned woman back again from the ‘hen wlad.’
    I’ve only just got round to reading the articles that have been placed on this site since I moved out of WiFi range (at Tal-y-llyn, a beautiful place only marred by the exploits of RAF and [probably!]American fighter jets, which didn’t break the sound barrier but did their level best to approximate that speed without actually breaking the law).
    Fintan’s articles are indeed excellent, and I congratulate him on his award. Might he allow some of his articles to be guest contributions to this site?
    Meanwhile I’m rethinking my piece on climate change that was nearly ready for submission before we left England. Some new articles have appeared in my in-box that will require changes to several paragraphs…

    1. Sean Danaher -

      I certainly can ask Fintan if he is happy for the articles to be published. I suspect there may be copyright issues. I very much look to receiving your piece on climate change. Sadly my Welsh is pretty non existent; it is quite different from Gaelic (Irish Scottish and Manx are all very similar) but Welsh, Cornish and Breton are a different Celtic language group.

      1. Jeni Parsons aka havantaclu -

        They are indeed, Sean.
        I’m trying to learn Welsh at the moment, as many of the people whom I met this week spoke it. My father was bilingual in Welsh – but I didn’t know until the evening of the Aberfan disaster over fifty years ago. And that’s another story – in some ways similar to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, in that repeated warnings from the community were ignored.
        Authority never wants to learn – until it’s forced to by unmitigated disaster.

      2. Sean Danaher -

        Hi Jeni
        I was a schoolchild when the Aberfan disaster happened, It had a profound effect on me. The only other major event which punctured my childhood bubble so much was the assassination of JFK. I do hope “authority” both learns and attributes blame after Grenfell, it seems so often that powerful people get off Scott free while the rest of us take the pain.

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