Failure to control inflation or mitigate its effects helps to control us

Inflationary fears are another useful tool to keep the masses suppressed and more fearful than they should be – particulalrly when this government, as it does, tells us there is not much they can do about it.

While usually infation is controllable, government seems to suggest this time it is an ‘act of God’.

Actually current inflation is mostly ‘imported’ as a result of world speculation in oil and gas and alao in food commodities, together with war between two major exporting food surplus countries: Russia and Ukraine.

There is some basic truth that government cannot stop that inflation – but it is only a half truth as government could do much, much more to mitigate its effects.

Britain has the highest inflation in the G7.

Highest inflation because the icing on the cake is Brexit.

Since UK rules are no longer alligned with those of the EU, as the UK government voluntarily opted to become a ‘third’ country, the ever longer queue of lorries in Kent – that now requires disaster relief, pushes up logistics costs substantially and so fuels even more inflation – especially for a major food importer such as the UK.

So the UK government is not only failing to mitigate inflation but also ensuring it.

Brexit is not ‘done’. Its ongoing effects are simply being ‘done’ to us.

No wonder many now consider Britain to be once again the ‘sick man of Europe’ Even the Daily Telegraph now thinks so.

UK government shows little interest but seems confident that piling on the fear will keep their voters from upsetting the status quo.

I’m not at all sure I would have their confidence…


  1. Schofield -

    I think it can be confidently said the country’s in a morass of its making and this has to be a consequence of a failure to engage intellectually with its problems. In other words very much dumbed down as the correspondence with the Treasury Department official John Glen reveals.

  2. Schofield -

    So in the Treasury Department’s case it’s the intellectual failure to recognise that only a government can ultimately help modulate deflation and inflation through its ability to make money appear and disappear and an accounting exercise of making the government’s books balance simply negates that ability to modulate.

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