Even if ‘no deal’ were desirable it is tactical idiocy

The former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Rona Ambrose, has neatly revealed why Johnson’s ‘No Deal’ Brexit plan is fundamentally flawed.

She rightly points out that there is no point in Canada negotiating with the UK, because if the UK does not intend to impose any tariffs when it leaves what is the point of negotiating a trade deal?

The key is in the phrase no deal – the UK will have nothing to negotiate with – no cards in its hand, zilch.

If Trump considers himself the US’s deal maker, Johnson simply demonstrates that he doesn’t believe in deals.

Free trade, he ought to remember, is the weapon of the strongest nation.

Leaving the EU means that the UK will be far from that.

As has been pointed out, the UK is going to be a corner shop bang next to the world’s largest Tesco Extra.

What could possibly go wrong?