European Elections are on the way – legally at least

Even, it seems, when we are told there is a ‘democratic deficit’!

The below is clearly government legislation – and it has to be hoped that this is also government intention:


So I have to agree that the:


The Tories seem to have encouraged absolutely anything but unmuddled thinking….


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Yes this is a tricky one for the Conservative government and for brexiteers. The main power of the EU is the Council of ministers – all elected politicians from the 28 EU member states. The actual running of the EU is the European Commision (unelected) but guided by the Council and taking note of the European parliament (elected on the far greater proportional representation system than the UK’ first past the post (thought the UK does follow PR for the EU parliamentary elections. On the question of democracy the EU is fairly democratic when compared with the rigidity of the UK’s FPTP and dominant 2 party system. Euro elections throw up a far wider spectrum of political representatives than in the UK. Over the years the EU has been a far more progressive organisation than Westminster and many of the protections of water and air quality, health and safety, employment rights, tax reform emanate from Brussels rather than London.

    1. Peter May -

      Quite widely progressive – except financially…

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