Empiring ourselves

I am impressed with the latest Marina Hyde article – as I often am – but this particular one has a lovely conclusion:

The difference is that we’ve brought it all home now. Having run out of other countries to do it to, Britain is now British empiring itself.

Do read if you don’t know what she is talking about! For me, nail and head are all too evident…


  1. Coinneach -

    “Having run out of other countries to do it to, Britain is now British empiring itself.” No, Britain still has Scotland, Wales and N Ireland to rule over. England as Britain can always easily outvote the other nations of Britain in Westminster and the concessions of devolution always come with Westminster’s express right to overrule decisions of the devolved assemblies.

    The Tories’ current proposals to impose UK Internal Market rules with “a level playing field” i.e. one size fits all regardless of circumstances, inevitably undermines powers currently devolved to the other nations (food standards, provenance protection, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, public health, housing, law, education etc,) and represents a colonial mindset grabbing powers back to itself.

    This is likely to initiate a huge constitutional crisis and ultimately lead to the dissolution of the UK Union, so England would get the Tories and their God-awful values pretty well entirely to themselves, while the other nations can get on with establishing fairer systems of governance. Their collective sighs of relief will be audible all over the world.

    1. Peter May -

      Accepted though it rather ignores the participation of Ireland, Scotland and wales in the British Empire!

      1. Coinneach -

        I don’t deny the involvement of the now-devolved nations in the actions of the British Empire, but I wasn’t writing about the past: I was referring purely to today and the near future

  2. Peter May -

    Being half English and a resident – I think we might end up at the UN or even the ECHR!

    1. Chris Kitcher -

      I hope that we do. Since Thatchers inculcation of selfishness into the English mentality this will be the inevitable outcome.

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