‘Easter getaway rush’ – or not..

The BBC is at last reporting the lorry queues at Dover which it is suggesting is a result of the upcoming Easter holiday and the lack of P&O ships.

According to Cieran, The Euro Courier:

I made an error last night whilst doing the live video on the M20 – it wasn’t 14-15 miles of trucks . It’s actually 24 miles

Yet there are no queues on the French side of the channel …..

French customs are enforcing the rules and British customs are not – indeed HMRC’s own computer clearance system has broken down – so goods coming in to the UK are very largely unchecked. Goods leaving are. Because French customs are in charge of protecting the EU border from goods originating in a third country – the UK.

Nobody dares mention it but -oh joy! – the 24 hour delays for lorry drivers parked up on a Motorway with no food or toilets is actually another Brexit dividend – that we were told was ‘project fear’.

It’s only been going on for three weeks – and government has done absolutely nothing other than look the other way.


  1. Michael G -

    What I don’t understand is why Remainers who said that this would happen apparently caused it to happen, but Brexiters who said it would all be fine didn’t cause it all to be fine.

  2. Peter May -


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