Does partygate give an opportunity for national reunion?

I wonder if Johnson’s brazen lying abilities – partygate seems to be the obvious misrepresentation whose lying hypocrisy seems finally to have hit home – might be, actually, the get out clause to bring together Leavers and Remainers?

After all Leave leader Johnson has been now demonstrated to everyone as a brazen lier.

Could we suggest that Brexiters were simply and ‘honestly’ deceived by those blatant lies?

So there would be no problem in welcoming Leavers back to the real world – as they just happened to believe the Leave assurances – which turned out to be a grand deceit.

I’d suggest that this is a formula for the opposition – whether Labour or anyone else – to restart government in the national interest, which currently, now seems unfortunately a rather novel concept…


  1. Richard B -

    I wish it were this simple. Sadly, imo the reaction to Partygate is just a case of the lesser of two evils. People don’t like to admit they’ve been duped, but they like “one rule for us, no rules for them” even less. So the Tories are punished – maybe only temporarily.

    Come next election, I expect both main parties to pretend that Brexit is ancient history and not worth talking about. Even my friends who are interested in politics and were remainers don’t want to hear the word, despite the new problems that import controls might bring. If you ignore the symptoms, there’s not much chance of healing…

    1. Peter May -

      Sad to hear that.
      Having been in business, I think a lot of the business community will be tearing their hair out – and be reducing their activity or even having to shut down altogether.
      I suggest there will be a lot of pain, so I think limited chance of ignoring symptoms…
      Your friends who were remainers are rather privileged to blank it – businesses cannot!

  2. Graham -

    Starmer isn’t interested. It’s fundamentally an England problem. Scotland & NI have other options if brave enough (and can counter the barrage of lies from the UK Govt). The UK 🇬🇧 Govt which is basically an England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Govt isn’t interested in a real devolution of power or federalism and both main parties are still living in an imaginary past of a Great England and embrace exceptionalism and entitlement.

    1. Peter May -

      In my view Labour also need to get federalism in their manifesto and also more English county devolution.
      Otherwise things can only get worse…

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