Did Goebbels know best?

This is a tract from Dr Joseph Goebbels.

I’m afraid we have to ask ourselves whether it reminds us, just a little, of our current situation regarding the Brexit referendum.

We are in a Parliamentary democracy  – but we must cede all power to the government working on behalf of the people.

Step forward Theresa May.

And now it appears to be Johnson’s scheme as well.


  1. Geoff -

    Chris grey’s blog piece is excellent on this aspect of what seems to be happening in the UK Political and Civil spheres. More so because he has resisted that popular assertion that we are already seeing fascism in the UK.
    The bookies have Farage as the favourite to replace Darroch, do they ever get things wrong?

    1. Peter May -

      Agree re Chris Grey’s article. He sums the situation up succinctly when he says:
      “most of those with the technical expertise to deliver Brexit think it is a terrible idea and, conversely, most of those who think it is a great idea don’t have the technical expertise to deliver it”.

    2. Sean Danaher -

      Chris Grey’s blog is generally excellent. I am very impressed with his analysis and possibly even more impressed with his stamina! Every time I try to write about Brexit these days, I just give up in despair.

      I think right wing populism will manifest itself differently this time around. The real power-brokers seem to be motivated by naked greed rather than racial purity and eugenics.

  2. Graham -

    Each passing day, each new revelation, each new tweet, makes one wonder how far the similarities will go.

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