Current government seems indifferent, at best, to either human rights or peace

I can only endorse this informative and hard-hitting five minute chat about law from my favourite former Brussels resident:


  1. davy green -

    As a resident of Northern Ireland I am waiting for an assurance that deliveries from Tesca Asda etc will be allowed to come into to Northern Ireland unimpeded.
    For an Irish Government to stay silent on this issue is disgraceful-The same Irish Government who have many monuments to the 1847 famine-We are talking here about FOOD-to supply people with food is above any international law
    EU I am waiting for you to issue a statement-a clear statement that food will not be blocked coming to Northern Ireland
    I will support ANY action UK takes to keep food supplies open

    1. Andrew -

      A comparison of Tesco deliveries to the Irish famine is severely overblown, but how much food does Northern Ireland import, and how much of that was produced in GB, compared to the rest of Ireland, the rest of the EU, and the rest of the world?

      1. Peter May -

        Agreed – NI running short of food as a result of the EU is really fake news from the Johnson government. As they used to say of the Pope – how many divisions does he have? and likewise the EU have none.
        The EU might sanction the UK for failing to honour the terms of its withdrawal agreement, but getting food to NI would be a UK government responsibility.
        I’m fairly certain that the majority of fresh food is sourced from the island of Ireland for the supermarkets but all prepared, tinned, otherwise preserved is likely to come via mainland UK.

  2. Chris Kitcher -

    Surely this video is proof, if it was needed, that we have a NeoFascist government that will renege on agreements that it has signed, be willing to break international law, and ignore the debilitating consequences of it ideology on the people it supposedly serves in order to line the pockets of the renters that fund them to stay in power. People should be very afraid but sadly the dangers will be entrenched before they have the ability to change them

    1. Peter May -

      I fear you’re correct

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