Champagne evidence

As it’s very nearly Christmas it might be rather interesting to look at French Champagne imports!

The chart below shows the top five importers of Champagne in millions of 75cl bottles in 2017:

Britain, with about a fifth of the population of the US, manages pole position and to drink more than the US. And with less than a half of its population Britain still imports more than Japan does.

Why doesn’t Germany, with a similar, if slightly larger population than the UK drink more?

Well, I can only suggest, Fawlty towers fashion, that we should remember the war.

But Germany is still, in spite of all that, fourth.

And Belgium with just over 11 million population, manages fifth place.

How very demonstrative of the gravity theory of the economy.

The closer you are, the more you are likely to trade extensively.

Brexiters won’t like it, and might even deny it. But they’ll probably still be drinking it and not Californian Spakling Wine.

Whatever your tipple, cheers for Christmas.


  1. Jennifer (aka Jeni, Havantaclu) Parsons -

    Cheers to you and everyone else at Progressive Pulse!

    I’ll raise a glass of Prosecco to you all on Christmas Day, and again at the New Year.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Peter May -

    Many thanks and best wishes.
    Next year, we are going to need them…

  3. Graham -

    Ours is a Cava, since we’re in Spain, enjoying some sunshine and frequently amazed how a supposedly poorer country can do so many things very well – like roads for example!!

    And all the best to PP – always a thought-provoking read.

  4. Peter May -

    Pleased we’re provoking thought, thanks!
    I suspect many of the roads are down to EU investment – and none the worse for that…

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