Bullsh*t bureaucracies

There is an interesting short video below where David Graeber’s ‘Bullshit Jobs‘ and the NHS meet.

What I take from it is that whilst bureaucracy helps to separate power and responsibility, it is the preserve of educated middle classes (so called) who feel decidedly uncomfortable in their bullsh*t jobs. But of course, paying them off is the price the rich have to pay in order to demonise, and keep subservient, the even more poor.

Privatisation also creates unnecessary and complicated bureaucracy. Privatisation is parasitic. Efficiency has nothing at all to do with it. Generally privatisation seems to be about screwing the workers. Though, I’d suggest that the railways seem to be a largely and interesting exception…

If privatisation creates bureaucracy (and that is not a bad slogan!) beneficial privatisation is a concept which is incomprehensible (and to me as incomprehensible as the wars of religion were in our past).

Really it seems that there are some in power who feel strongly enough such that their privatisation is necessary to preserve them in their power. And that is much more like those wars of religion…It is certainly way off any actual logical take.

In fact, privatisation is why a lot of direct, conscious damage to state performance has to be undone.

‘Market reforms’ are actually a method of making lives more difficult for most and appearing more efficient for those who believe in the rigged market of neoliberalism – and unfortunately, the Main Stream Media are the principal everyday proponents of this idea.

When people in their Bullsh*t Job quickly begin to realise this problem in their lives, their life’s aspiration becomes simply to support their family. A sense of purpose and job satisfaction cease to be in their lives at all. They grow unhappy – even more than the rest of us – often in barely different circumstances….

The Conservative NHS reforms have, as many feared, achieved unhappiness and and a disorientated sense of purpose – so, really, exactly as David Graeber suggests.

Never mind Brexit, which is a complete red herring for almost everyone except Tate & Lyle, this is why the Conservatives, who lied originally on their NHS reforms, should never be granted power in the next Parliament.

The American healthcare influence is invariably insdious – as David Graeber says “The American healthcare sytem is the worst possible.”


  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    ‘Bureaucracies’ looks as if the spelling is wrong when it’s in capitals. Very odd. 🙂

  2. Peter Dawe -

    Bureaucracy is the error correction code of a process, like or immune system.
    Unfortuately like our immune system, you can get auto-immune disease where the cost of the error prevention and correction is greater than the harm from the error. I believe our current society is in advanced auto-immune disease. The only cure is to reset society.

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