Brexitism’s ‘chosen way’ will cost, so please give generously…

I have just encountered (Brexiter) Professor Richard Werner’s tweet that:

Brexit – how bad can it be? Must be worst to leave the EU for a small country entirely dependent on much larger neighbours. So think about the world’s smallest state, the Vatican. Could it survive if it suddenly exited from the EU? Surely not! Wait a minute, it never even joined!

Every Catholic I’ve ever encountered gives money to the Catholic Church and thus the Vatican.

I know Brexitism is a sort of religion but I confess I never really imagined that they considered that their chosen way was simply for them to receive money from their numerous adherents.

At least we know now that religious giving is the way out.

Let us hope they give frequently and often – because I’m not a believer…

Meanwhile we have another tweeter rather confused, much like the rest of us, as to how exactly we are supposed to consider the Civil Service’s conclusions on ‘No Deal’ Brexit (click to enlarge)

I consider Richard Werner’s reference specious. The Vatican has never been part of anything international, except itself. It doesn’t trade. It exists because Italy so permits it.

Britain by contrast trades and needs to as otherwise it will slowly starve.

It is therefore dependant on the the greater or lesser kindness of strangers.

But the Catholic faith is worldwide – by definition.

We have fervently to hope, that in the event of a No Deal Brexit there are enough of those of the, obviously worldwide, Brexiter faith who are staunchly in favour of ‘Global Britain’ to just keep on giving…




  1. Ros Johnson -

    Let me see:
    The Vatican City is not in the EU but is in the Schengen Area, the Single Market, the Customs Union and the Euro zone.
    Richard Werner has provided a solution to the Brexit crisis. We leave the EU but join the Schengen Area, the Single Market, the Customs Union and the Euro zone. No backstop, no regulation and border controls diversion. Taking back control with blue passports, capital punishment, corporal punishment, imperial units and pounds, shillings and pence [the five top leaver demands].
    I could live with that – I wouldn’t like the demands but if I can put up with having to calculate how much it costs to travel to Brighton (120 miles) when my car’s computer tells me I averaged 46 miles per gallon and petrol is £1.30 a litre, I can put up with allowing the pedophiles and sadists back into teaching. Jimmy Saville (who was a Vatican City national) is avenged.

    1. Peter May -

      Thanks, Love it!

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