Brexit without end

I have sympathy with the ‘Deltapoll’ quoted here, where 2049 people (I suspect that must have been the maximum number of UK adults they could persuade to answer…) when asked the really quite logical question “Do you think Brexit will ever end?” 41%, the majority, thought it would, 35% thought it wouldn’t and 24% didn’t know.

Of course only the 24% can really be right.

But for the rest one thing we do know is that if or when we finally exit – on whatever basis –  it may indicate that Britain has been a little dilatory in its resolve but in fact that will just be the end of the beginning of Brexit. There will need to be five years and probably a decade of negotiations just to get us back anywhere near where we were in our relations with others.

In that sense the majority, who seem to think Brexit will end sometime soon are sadly deluded.

To make it go away in what will probably be a further storm of protest we need a referendum, and to make it all stop Article 50 has to be withdrawn.

And if we do Brexit by chance or (when looking at this interlocking web of moneymaking deceit that includes the BBC) by intention, without proper regard for the Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland requires further military intervention, then that will be an even more perfect storm – for both the UK and Ireland.

Even journalist, Peter Oborne, who campaigned for Brexit, has to admit in this 9 minute video focussing on the situation in Ireland, that he is a remainer now:

Surely, it really is time that the self harming idea of Brexit was ended.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    thanks. I have seen the video. The Kingsmill massacre was horrific, as indeed many other incidents were at the time. There is absolutely no desire to go back there, which is why the Irish Government is so insistent on keeping an open border.

    I don’t expect much to come out of Johnson’s visit to Dublin today. The Irish position has not changed, but they would agree to revert to a NI only backstop.

    The best solution would be to revoke A50, but at present a GE seems inevitable and it is impossible to predict the outcome.

  2. A. Pessimist -

    The only way to bring it to an end is with some semblance of compromise. For all the contempt thrown at him, only Jeremy Corbyn seems to have grasped that fact, with everyone else taking up extreme positions.

    It seems to me that a further referendum, with a “Brino” option versus a Remain option, is the only form of compromise possible. The only way to that is a GE and a Labour, or Labour-led, government. Of course Farage and co. will never be satisfied, but possibly the majority of the population can be, if only because they are so fed up with it.

    That twitter thread about the BBC involvement is a humdinger. Here’s the thread unrolled for anyone who finds twitter painful!

    Does this count as conspiracy theorising? To add fuel to the fire, see here who Theresa May is rewarding with a Knighthood! I guess it’s not all a true conspiracy, just a coming together of various agendas and interests. Just like the Labour AS stuff (see here who is also getting a Knighthood – the one pictured in the middle!);

    The worry about criticising any part of the BBC is always that doing so is helping Rupert et al – if the Tufton Street Gang do prevail the BBC will be gutted and we will get something akin to Fox news instead.

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