Brexit Project Fear is the Reality of an own goal – if not two or three

We have met this regretful, leave voting fish merchant before – he now thinks he’s ‘stuffed’, poor chap. Basically by carrying fish from several exporters in one load – his transport agent has warned him that if a mistake with his paperwork leads to the truck being turned back at the border he will be liable for the retail value of the truck’s entire load – which could be £150k.:

Then another consequence of all that lovely additional paperwork and red tape is that small consignment costs go through the roof (click to enlarge):

Indeed the FT reports as much here. In summary, those that can set up supply systems within the EU have done so, to the detriment of UK jobs. Those that cannot, may in the end, just give up.

Make UK, the manufacturing lobby group, for example, found that its “balance of export orders” index — the proportion of companies expecting worldwide exports to rise or fall — was forecast to drop sharply to minus 14 per cent this quarter, while the balance on investment intentions was minus 11 per cent.

This is supposed to be global Britain?

Artists and entertainers are entirely upset by this – indeed there is a petition here.

Perhaps we should be – as the agreement allows – reviewing it after a year?

So artists will need visas/work permits to work in the EU, carnets and certificates will be needed for instruments or equipment and to crown it all working in an EU foreign country is country specific for non EU members who want to be employed- so a lack of certainty is the result. Just what anyone trying to earn a living wants of course…

Then how do you transport all this stuff – such as musical instruments and theatre scenery and props? Very problematic for any ‘European Tour’ since UK road haulage is now allowed just one additional pick up after the initial delivery.

Clearly in our Brexit we’ve done really well…. Or not. Because that stops a European tour unless you use a European haulier. That is really fighting for UK sovereignty…

I begin to despair – and keep asking and have asked before; what exactly is Brexit for?


  1. Andrew -

    This is what “non tariff barriers” look like in the absence of a single market. Administrative barriers to trade can be just as disruptive as customs duties. They were told the truth, but they preferred to believe the lies instead.

    1. Peter May -

      Quite – and Johnson lied in the HoC that there weren’t any.
      I do think the speaker should get a grip.

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