Brexit Party run out of road?

Is that the country I can see under it?


  1. Andrew Dickie -

    Alas, Peter, I am not so sure. Instead what seems to me to be the case is that the BREXIT Party has achieved in the Tory Party what Militant Tendency never even dreamed possible. Militant wanted to infiltrate Labour, capture a significant number of CLP’s (Constituency Labour Parties) and start to influence the whole policy process, and elections to the NEC and the CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee), and end up defining the policy and direction of the Labour Party – i.e. a long process, with no guarantee of ultimate success.

    By contrast, the BREXIT Party (and to some, lesser, extent, UKIP before it) has already colonised the Tory Party by frightening it to the Hard Right, will already have been heavily infiltrated by BREXIT and UKIP Party supporters and even members, and at any election can simply stand aside, where a Conservative MP is threatened (e.g. Amber Rudd, and Boris Johnson himself), so as not to split the vote, while in marginal Labour seats it can stand to draw away Leave-supporting Labour voters, to produce a likely result of more Tory MP’s and fewer Labour MP’s, and leaving the Tories as at least the largest PArty, and even with a majority.

    The BREXIT Party has achieved its aims, I would say – like one of those parasitic wasps that lays its eggs in some poor grub or caterpillar, which proceed to devour the victim from inside, giving birth to a whole new parasitic wasp. The original parent – the BREXIT Party – is then superfluous, having given birth to a “New Nation” Tory Party that sees all “non-Brits/non-Brexiteers” as “the other”, and “the enemy”, not worthy of the State’s support or protection.

    It’s happening in America, and it could happen here. I really am very worried and concerned about what could happen.

  2. Peter May -

    I agree – that’s really why I suggested that the country was indeed (or had been thrown) under the bus…

    1. Andrew Dickie -

      Sorry, Peter – didn’t pick that up. Tin ear problem, I’m afraid – never been good at irony!

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