Brexit losses mount up – in all senses

The CBI figures for stockpiling (amoung others) are recorded in the chart below:

I rather thought that they might affect GDP figures for the last quarter but, either they haven’t (which objectively is unlikely) or the figures will turn out to be actually even worse than provisionally quoted.

Then, in case you hadn’t noticed, German hospitals are advertising in Polish language UK newspapers to encourage Polish nurses to take up posts ‘because they will still be in the EU’ meanwhile the 3,370 Spanish nurses and health visitors who make up “17 per cent of the NHS’s EU nurse workforce in June 2018 — more than any country in the bloc except Ireland,” have problems because non EU work doesn’t count any longer as ‘domestic experience’ to improve their job prospects when or if they return home.

With the sterling exchange rate likely to be under considerable pressure as things become ever increasingly uncertain for EU nurses in the UK, their relative pay is also likely to decline compared with home and certainly with Germany (currently rough parity).

Oh, and in case you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Health Minister, Stephen Hammond has assured a Tory MP that the NHS is stockpiling body bags. And I’m not making this up.

In spite of the fact that it seems we may have missed many of the bottom up, recent unrest in Europe. The Brexit dividend will, I fear, be resolutely, and increasingly, negative.

Project or not, fear is beginning to be transformed into fact.


  1. Peter Dawe -

    Maybe, at last, you can now understand why working class people voted for Leave, They DID take their jobs and DID take their homes.

    (Remember Capita have a contract to put migrants into cheap housing areas, which is why there stats quoted in a earlier posting looked as if they didn’t support the above)

    Their use of the health service is also disproportionate, due to their high fertility rates, among other reasons.

    Then there is the problem of the countries who have lost their best and their youth to us and thus can’t create any local wealth

  2. Peter May -

    I have always understood why people with precious little have also precious little to loose by voting Brexit.
    I don’t see why that is a reason they should impoverish the country generally!
    And I don’t agree that use of health services is disproportionate, even if the reason you give implies they’re all going to leave. After Brexit they might of course – and who could blame them? but the real reason is that we are not properly training our own population to fulfil the roles required. Lower down, agricultural labour should always be an experience and usually abroad – as gypsies are less and less numerous.
    Agree entirely we shouldn’t be importing nurses or doctors – though a temporary ‘stage’ is beneficial for all.

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