Brexit is the end of EU leavers

There is an informative and depressing article in the Irish Times suggesting that as Britain has shown what a disaster leaving the EU is, so the right wing anti-Europe headbangers, like Marine Le Pen, have ditched the idea of leaving Europe ( including, remarkably not leaving the Euro, so I’m not sure they have got the message entirely). However it seems Britain has taught Europe a lesson and, in doing that, of course, it will have motivated them to ensure a British exit deal is no more than the minimum.

Well done Johnson. Somebody who, together with George Osborne, will, I fear, have done more to impoverish Britain than anyone else in post war history.

As the article concludes:

Three years after the UK’s referendum, Brexit looks less like a harbinger of the EU’s disintegration than a cautionary tale for the rest of the continent.

It is unfortunate for me, and for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, that I can only agree.


  1. Geoff -

    My feeling is that the extremists in Europe have for the last couple of years been viewing the EU and its institutions of power as something that could be there for the taking. Instead of breaking up the EU, in the Nationalist International sense, they now see being a united force would give them power throughout Europe. It’s a plan that might just work.

    1. Samuel Johnson -

      Search for David Edgerton’s recent piece in the NYT for a more sanguine take. In essence, saying the break-up of the UK may not be a bad thing. The UK emerged a better and fairer place for most people after both of the major catharsis of the 20th Century and the loss of most of Ireland certainly worked out well enough for the Irish. It may happen again.

      Fewer casualties at least. One of my concerns is that we are losing time fighting each other instead of taking steps to save our planet from destruction.

  2. Graham -

    Well, a random selection of English, Dutch, German and fellow Scots campers in a site near-ish Valencia think the UK has gone completely nuts. Who am I to disagree?

    1. Peter May -

      I’m very much with your campers! And why would Britain choose voluntarily to leave the European educational programme, Erasmus? Do we want to prevent our children from going abroad?

      1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

        To be fair there is no stated intention to break from Erasmus, just to make it not a negotiating priority.

        I still think it sinister, but quite consistent with the desire to distance the UK from the EU, and European influence generally. It’s just another symptom of the madness of Brexit.

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