Brexit health dangers writ large

This post is – even more than usual – unashamedly political. But I’m afraid this clip below demonstrates beyond all doubt how a US trade deal would be so dangerous for the UK. Yes the US is an ally. Fine, but exactly how much must we be required to limit our resources for medication to our population? After all, when the US’s own corporate culture is rarely caring towards their own electorate, Britain can certainly expect no better.

A general political ally is completely different from a commercial ally – in life in general – as well as across national frontiers.

Intentionally limiting our resources, in the sense of not only undergoing price increases as a result being beholden to a unique provider based abroad, but also having, probably, to pay in a foreign currency, is not ever sensible! And as is pointed out, the NHS is the only big buyer in the game- indeed it is the biggest bar none. The NHS keeps American drug companies in order – they would be delighted if the NHS didn’t exist. Much as I suspect many of those ‘proper health promoters’ at the IEA would…

So I suggest this tweet from Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates he really does understand…

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