Brexit has not been done

Given that this Independent report suggests that food distribution shortages will, according to Downing Street, be over by Christmas (is that before or after?) supposedly there is little to worry about with our current intermittent and unpredictable shortages.

Mind you at least in saying the problems will be over by Christmas Downing Street admits that problems exist, which is a start…

Even so, it might be time to update those old East German jokes – a couple of favourites:

“Is this the shop that doesn’t have any fish?” “No comrade, this is the shop that doesn’t have any meat. The shop that doesn’t have any fish is across the road.”

(In the twenty first century UK of course, we don’t even have that level of certainty.)

An East German manages to buy a Trabant. “It’ll be delivered in 7 years, comrade.” ” Morning or afternoon?” says the buyer. “What difference does it make?” says the salesman. ” I have the plumber coming in the afternoon, ” says the buyer.

Indeed with the news that Brexit checks on food and animal products are to be postponed until 1 July 2022, it seems that Brexit, in spite of being the ‘will of the people’, is just so good that the government keeps on delaying it.

Kicking the can down the road is official government policy.

Let us not forget that the UK government rejected an offer of a 2 year transitional period in order to get Brexit done. But now they have, instead, created a self imposed transitional period which damages UK businesses but not EU businesses.

The UK effectively stayed in the EU Single Market for imports but left it for exports.

No wonder the FT reports:

Who, exactly, is the UK government working for?

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