Brexit disaster looms…

There is worrying news from the WTO, which seems to be little noticed. The only record I can find is here, and which ‘Yorkshire Bylines’ are, I suggest, well worth following.

The USA has long refused to approve more WTO ajudicators (arbitrators for disputes) so these judges are now inquorate.

Trump has only accentuated the damage and now there are arguments over the WTO’s budget and the Director General of the WTO, the Brazilian Robert Azevedo, has now resigned:

We are doing nothing now – no negotiations, everything is stuck. There’s nothing happening in terms of regular work.

This is not of great consequence for EU members who after all have their own well established rules. But for little Britain – seemingly about to crash out to the ‘comfort’ of WTO terms, it doesn’t look too good.

Then the farmers are worried – as well they should be. The government blithely suggests that the US will not wish to impose its farming conditions in any trade agreement.

But if this were the case and America is so relaxed about these conditions surely it would have modified them in order to supply the EU?

It is true that the EU is basically self sufficient in food – but Britain is not – if the US had been so keen to supply thee UK, why didn’t they do it 40 years ago?

The UK is, regrettably, on a hiding to nothing with a US trade agreement. In fact:

Bon appetit -as they say in EU.