Bregrets and Consequences

Well, this is interesting.
Cameron asked Junker not to intervene in the referendum. He says if he had not agreed he could have refuted the lies. Which, let’s be frank, were numerous.
Would it have been counterproductive?

Perhaps, but on balance I tend to think it unlikely, as it is likely to have been a much more measured approach.

Still, now at least we have someone who is likely to have the opportunity to take Boris Johnson to court for lying:


But that of course will be after the event.

Although if the prosecution succeeds, it will render many (particularly, in recent times, Conservative) politicians obliged to be truthful with their electoral claims – or be liable to criminal prosecution.

That, in my opinion, can only be good for democracy.


  1. Sean Danaher -


    I’m not sure I agree. I think it would have backfired.

    Some fortresses are not be assailed, as Sun Tzu said. Some things can’t be fixed by others, but only by people themselves.

    The Irish were worried about Brexit. Enda Kenny was pretty horrified the way the Referendum was being conducted and privately offered advice to Cameron as to how to run a referendum campaign. Ignored – what do the Irish known anyway? Spoiler they run referendums on an annual or semi-annual basis. There is a divorce referendum (making it easier) at the same time as the EP election.

    Kenny decided that he could do little intervention in public, but did start a programme to talk to the Irish community in Britain. Talking directly to the English was deemed to be counterproductive.

    Kenny initiated detailed planning for Leave as they thought the likelihood of Leave high and as such were out of the starting blocks much faster.

  2. Peter May -

    You may be right of course but I consider that a simple rebuff from the EU of the downright lies told by the Leave campaign would have been beneficial. I’m not suggesting they should get involved in any slanging match!
    For me any Irish intervention would not have had the the weight of ‘authority’ that the EU itself would have had…

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Yes I’m sure you are correct that the the Irish would be equally as ignored as the Scots. An EU intervention would have had Sun headlines etc. at fever-pitch. Sun editorial today was particularly disgusting : curtain haired slimeball …. etc. Almost a new low.

  3. Graham -

    I believe Boris’s defence is: Je ne Bregrette rien, I did it my way!!

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