Bloody immigrants…

Coming over here and taking our best jobs…

That is effectively what Patel and Johnson’s plan seems to be because the low skilled – for which read low paid – will not be able to find work in the UK.

So, ironically, the Brits will need to take the low skilled jobs whilst the more highly skilled jobs will be potentially much more competitive.

Currently the lowly paid are often highly educated but unable to find opportunities in their not so developed EU countries. Many of them, up until recently were happy to make a life here (and some, remarkably, still are..) but Brexit has changed most of that.

So when those important tasks, often undertaken by the lowly paid immigrant, are care duties and tasks in the NHS, Patel seems to think there are 8.5 million UK residents currently available to do them. Quite why the Tory Party’s encouragements and exigences to force everyone to work are still 8.5 million short with only about 1.5 million declared as unemployed she doesn’t make clear. But, to be fair, evidence is not her forte (indeed, personally, I’m not sure what her forte is.)

The only peculiar ‘plus’ is that her rules would seem to prevent her own parents coming to Britain!

Additionally whilst it is all very well to suggest employers should get their act together there is the small matter of austerity, which means that local authorities can literally not afford to pay more for care than they currently do. For the government to suggest that simply to recruit Brits and pay the going rate is extremely naive and misleading – basically, unless the government pays it is simply another lie.

Additionally, isn’t it the government’s job – and not first and foremost employers’ – to provide the country with a skilled and equipped workforce? I notice, for example, that the government, as the employer of doctors and nurses, resolutely fails to train sufficient quantities of them to fill the vacancies required.

Which is why imports and immigration are so essential.

To unilaterally cut ourselves off from our geographically nearest support system seems at the very least, not sensible.

Particularly when the government shows no social understanding whatsoever – other than the painfully outdated ideology that ‘the market will provide,’ while simultaneously ‘unleashing our potential’…

Our government is one that seems for ever to be living in the past.


  1. Chris B -

    Given how much sneerimg has been directed at teachers and how our education system has been distorted to produce button pushers and robots the tory schemes are working perfectly. Experts in any field are not required (until they are of course) then the howl goes up about lack of training !

    1. Peter May -

      Quite so…

  2. Samuel Johnson -

    Patel has said that positions occupied by unskilled migrants from the EU can be filled by training some of the UK’s supposedly 8m economically inactive citizens. Never mind how many are not able to become economically active, if they require training then by definition the EU migrants were not, in fact, unskilled.

    Continuing tyrannical imposition by and on behalf of the most ignorant and ill-educated will result in one guaranteed outcome: an exodus of the UK’s best and brightest, with long term deleterious consequences for those unable to move.

    1. Peter May -

      We are so ill served by this crazy government.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed, thanks, I think that Craig Murray piece is very insightful…

  3. Ed Phillis -

    I imagine this will be quite a test for those that argue that the remainers are the insular ones and that your global thinking brexiteer is looking for an immigration policy that is fair to all. I wonder how they will feel when 100s of thousands of skilled Asians turn up doing 40k IT jobs for 25k. I wonder about the geography skills of some people who bemoan freedom of movement in the EU. EU workers will come and go because of geographic proximity and ease of mobility. Workers from further afield will stay. Of course there wont be quite the same outward mobility from UK origin workers, because they just made it quite hard for us to leave, so I cant see this new policy reducing population numbers at all. Its nice gammon fodder though, and thats what counts.

    1. Peter May -

      Good point

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