Anna Soubry nails it: ‘Brexit was undefined and is undeliverable.’

Dominic Grieve spoke nothing more than the truth on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House [first major piece] when he said “there is no form of Brexit that is not hugely damaging to our country.”

Indeed the side of this red bus appears far more informative than the one Johnson liked to arrive on:

Grieve’s interview was then picked up in a tweet by Anna Soubry:

It is rather as if the Conservatives offered the equivalent of a two day week and free annual family holidays in Australia and the people voted  – yes!

The government now discover they do not have the wherewithal to implement the ‘will of the people’.

It doesn’t reflect well on the government.

And it is certainly well past the time they should have connected with reality.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    Very true but the saddest thing is that this was obvious from even before the referendum. What’s surprised me is the Tory’s ability to kick the can down the road for so long.

  2. Richard Allen -

    Yes…correct. But virtually every MP voted for the Referendum Bill (apart from Corbyn who abstained by absence and the SNP) ….the lot of them are culpable for this fiasco.

  3. Ivan Horrocks -

    And two days have passed since you posted this, Peter, and in that time the situation has gotten worse not better. As Sean says, Grieve’s point is entirely true and could be anticipated from the outset of this process. Indeed, anyone who knew how enmeshed and complex the relationship between us and the EU had become (and this would apply to all those countries in the EU and particularly those who have been members for decades, so it’s not just a UK issue) knew this. But the population were conned into believing it would be a walk in the park by the anti EU zealots who’d been banging on about this for years, usually deliberately blind to the reality of a 40+ year economic, institutional, legal, governmental and, in many cases, cultural, relationship.

    And that’s basically their position now – witness the idiot of a Tory MP on C4 News yesterday evening almost entirely dismissive of the warnings from Ford Europe’s boss (he doesn’t understand the political imperative was the argument I recall – for which, read on) that Canada + – or plus any number of pluses – will not work for them, and – rightly – they will take all actions they need to protect their business. That, my Brexiter friends, means exiting the UK for the EU. Ditto Toyota, Nissan, etc, however they may couch the truth of the matter now.

    But ultimately of course, this is no longer about Brexit is it.

    This is about a minority party within the Tory parliamentary party exerting power because they can. And they can because of the failure of the remainder of said party to stand up to them in any meaningful way (with some exceptions like Soubry); and a pitifully weak leader – in almost every way a leader can be weak – whose main concern long since became keeping herself and the Tory party in power. That’s what Brexit has become. And if that means visiting economic consequences on the UK that no one would have believed a political party would ever have signed up to, much less dreamt of doing, so be it.

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Economics are bad enough but the diplomatic shredding of the UK’s reputation is worse. May has crossed the Rubicon and now blatantly and shameless lies with increasing regularity simply to keep in power for another week. No deal is looking the likeliest option again.

  4. Peter May -

    But, as I’ve suggested before, I cannot see how no deal complies with UK government legislation; ie The European Union (Withdrawal) Act means that any border in Ireland cannot feature new infrastructure that is a result of the UK leaving the EU!
    As WTO will insist on border control if there is no deal, the government will actually be breaking its own laws if there is no deal!
    Hence if May is as clever in her incompetent deviousness, a People’s vote will be, I suggest, her only option…..

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