An advent calendar for our times..

Led by Donkeys has launched an Advent calendar:

To celebrate the Johnson/Farage seasonal kinship, we’ve launched a Tory-Brexit Party electoral alliance advent calendar. Open a new door each morning between now and election day to see examples of lies, lunacy and hypocrisy from the Brexit Party and their new electoral allies, the Conservatives.

In addition they’ve been told they should hand over their web address TheBrexitParty. com. In the 8-page legal letter they got from Farage’s lawyers EU law was cited five times. As they ask “Who knew Nigel Farage was such a fan of European law? ” Led by Donkeys has agreed to sell to Farage and set the price at a million pounds which increases by £50,000 a day.

Perhaps the best bit is that all proceeds go to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.