An accomplished party leader unworthy of the office of Prime Minister

TRUK alerted us to a graphic image tweeted by the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent. It has since been modified to explain even more simply where Brexit leaves us – and that is – precisely where we started:

I’d suggest that the Prime Minister’s strategy is simple. It has nothing directly to do with the EU.

By simply peddling fudge, muddle and incompetence with regard to the EU she manages to keep herself and her split party in power. Coming to no conclusion is the game plan – nobody can argue against it if you don’t have one. Indeed you have to endeavour to influence the Prime Minister towards your preferred destination – so she thus cements her leadership.

How else could she justify the gross irresponsibility of not holding a single cabinet meeting until today, on the aims of Brexit, when Article 50 was triggered at the end of March? She has made herself indispensable to the Tory Party and, at the same time, someone the country should vote out for incompetence. She is an accomplished Party Leader entirely unsuited and unworthy to lead the country.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    Gaby Hinsliff argues fudge is neccessary

    “The problem is that clarity is the one thing May dare not provide, because the minute anything is illuminated then it’s a target for someone. Her best hope is generating a sort of permanently confused twilight in which nobody (including her own cabinet, which still hadn’t formally agreed the precise form Brexit should take even as the EU agreed we had made significant progress towards it) is entirely sure what’s going on, and therefore can’t be certain yet that they hate it.

    So nothing is agreed until everyone finds out exactly what it is that they’re supposed to be agreeing, at which point it is still perfectly possible that nobody will agree to any of it. But the aim is to push the inevitable moment of truth – the point where both leavers and remainers realise exactly what’s going to happen, and someone goes ballistic – as far down the road as possible.”

  2. Peter May -

    I’m saying the same thing – though the fudge is necessary only for May and the Tories to stay in power. It’s a liability for the rest of us.
    So while the country needs a prosperous economy to stop austerity and to stop another Grenfell for example, the government is obsessed elsewhere. The government is simply the Tory Party negotiating with itself whilst the country goes to the dogs. That’s why she’s a skilful Party Leader but a useless liability as Prime Mininster.

  3. Tony_B -

    Many of us had worked out a while ago that May had two goals from the Establishment: 1) Keep the Tory Party in tact (at any cost) and 2) stymie Brexit as best you can. She is succeeding so far in keeping the masses and her own confused, although little has really been achieved, but at what a price for ordinary folks and what little is left of democracy. Long live plutocracy – says she.

    The image immediately reminded me of the Penrose Stairs.

  4. Peter May -


    Had to look up Penrose Stairs – but an ‘impossible staircase’ sounds about right!

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