A technological solution…

News reporter Richard Chambers has tweeted this picture of the steel and concrete security structures at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester:



Quite reasonably, he suggests that there must have been technological solutions that would have prevented the use of this infrastructure.

I hope he or his ilk manages to ask the question of a Brexiter.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    I expect the Tories were expecting another Peterloo in Manchester, Mancunians must be hopping mad at them.

  2. Geoff -

    Judging by the audience response to speeches and the amount of sleeping delegates in the hall, I suspect the structure is to keep delegates in, not keep people out.

    1. Peter May -

      Like it!

  3. Johnson Matthey -

    The border between non-EU Norway and EU Sweden does not look like that.
    There are checks that occur at the border of course, but only because the border is a more convenient place to do them than not at the border.
    In Northern Ireland the obvious place to do the same sort of checks would also be at the border – but hey, politics, and the uneducated who haven’t read the GFA who think a bit of violence is justified if it happens. The same krill who lock their doors at night and think that this is different to the image above in some insightful way.
    So the Conservatives think they can do the checks away from the border. They might be right, might be wrong, but it doesn’t relate to controls at a conference attended by the Prime Minister and Cabinet at various points. Have you been to a Premier League football match in the last year?

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