A metaphor for Brexit…

This wonderful picture of a ParcelForce Worldwide van (surely symbolic of ‘Global’ Britain) teetering on the edge of a 200foot drop at er…..Tintagel, is irresistable (and just in case you may wonder – fortunately, no ParcelForce employees were harmed as a result of this photograph).


The problematic dilemma is emphasised in this lovely article by Fintan O’Toole – Are the English ready for self government?


  1. Ivan Horrocks -

    The obvious question, Peter, is was the driver following his SatNav. Otherwise that’s a pretty precarious place to be delivering a parcel!

  2. Adrian Kent -

    Revoking Article 50 would be getting back into the van and putting it in first.

    1. Peter May -

      I suggest – as long as it has front wheel drive – putting it in reverse would be more appropriate!

    2. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

      I don’t agree, Adrian.

      I think revoking Article 50 would be to pull the van back onto the road and offer the the possibility of taking a less dangerous route.

      Maybe give the driver some advanced driving tuition before he’s let loose again. And have a look at the map.

      Brexit ‘negotiations’ have been an embarrassment. We can do better than this, but not with the front half of the van hanging over a cliff.

      Brexit is a mess. We need to revoke A50 and start again. (If we have the stomach for it).

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