A message from Caroline Lucas

I think it is worth highlighting this very statesmanlike address from Caroline Lucas:

It is a great pity that she is not giving it on the steps of Downing Street.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    At last some sanity and a calm appraisal of the political dilemmas facing the UK. It is clear that it is a long and hard road ahead if we are to tackle the massive problems of climate breakdown, rising inequality, corporate irresponsibility and the threat of war. This clarion call from Caroline Lucas is such a refreshing change from the infantile ya-boo politics that seems to have overtaken Westminster at this critical time.

  2. Andrew Dickie -

    Even though I’d like to see a Labour Government led by (even? I voted for him in 2016, and haven’t yet come to regret that, but it’s in the balance), I’d be just as happy, actually probably happier, to see Caroline Lucas as head of a Progressive Rainbow Coalition, and as PM of a Government capable of not only driving the current Tory barbarians from power, but of positively leading the UK towards a genuinely brighter future for all.

    Agreed – pity this was not delivered from the steps of No. 10. She gets why Leavers voted Leave and Remainers voted Remain, and wants to bridge that gap. Corbyn sought the same, but hasn’t unequivocally supported siding with Europe against Trump’s crude brutality.

    This post from Daily Kos about beating Trump is relevant to beating “Mini-Trump” Johnson’s threat to democracy, for he is actually as racist and as unconcerned for the 99% as is Trump.


    1. Peter May -

      Entirely agree with you both (and thanks, Andrew, for the link) ….

  3. Peter May -

    The basis of the link was, as I understand it – Drive out turnout in any election. Which I agree is essential, and the idea is, I presume, that most decent people, perhaps otherewise mostly disinterested will vote moderately…
    I live in hope…

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