Co-operation should be us

Have just attended – via Zoom – the new book launch of ‘Ours’ by the American thinker and author, Peter Barnes.

His concept is that Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics (click to enlarge):

allows us to ‘capture’ money from natural resources as well as from state facilitated functions such as financial trading or individual property rights in order to ‘find’ the money to support all of us.

By now I had almost switched off – all the neoliberal tropes were on full display – even when (or, I’m tempted to suggest, because) it was hosted by a New Economics Foundation (NEF) economist.

It became apparent that they thought that because property rights, which as they acknowledged, were what in fact drove market outcomes, their renewed property ideas were a way of changing the narrative. So perhaps not quite so bad as I thought.

But I still worry that once you accept a crazy market narrative you find it increasingly difficult to redirect it.

It was acknowledged that property rights were a human construct and thus their allocation is also human too.

Great, but, in which case I cannot understand why we have to ‘capture’ money when we know it is government created and so, yet another human construct.

It seems rather like the Test Acts of old where the NEF are permitted by an Act of Indemnity to pursue their marginal philosophy.

It is all so regrettably neoliberal…

Were there any positives?


Christine Berry of IPPR North suggested that cooperation was still possible since the new worldwide governance for the Flu vaccine network had been overhauled to prevent any commercialisation or patenting of any information from this worldwide (literally) group of scientists.

True, but she didn’t point out that Met Offices around the world have long done similarly. So no weather is ‘nationally’ forecasted or unique.

Indeed neither weather nor climate is ever ‘ours’ as, most unfortunately, many countries in America and Continental Europe are finding out.

But that doesn’t really look too good for ‘sovereignty’ of course.

And worse still for taking back control…

It seems that neoliberalism is actually yet another Unicorn….


  1. Graham -

    And The Guardian reports that a HoL report (chaired by Lord Poll Tax Forsyth) says that the BoE is addicted to creating money.
    Better wean it off that dangerous addiction and return to “taxpayers money” as the real source.

    1. Peter May -

      Remarkable. What does he think the BoE is for?

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