Work of the insane

Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), speaking on Tuesday stated that fears over chlorinated chicken imports were entirely justified. This was after the Environment Minister, George Eustace (amazingly a former farmer himself as well as former UKIPer) failed to explicitly rule out chlorinated chicken imports over the weekend.

She said:

This isn’t hysteria. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo. This is fact. To sign up to a trade deal that results in opening our ports, shelves, and fridges to food that would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane.

I don’t think it is over thinking the country’s circumstances to suggest that actually this work is, regrettably, exactly that which the current government shows a liking for.

Even cross-border supply chains are old fashioned apparently:

Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

Perhaps we shall all be 3D printing our own winter broccoli next year?